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Tinnitus- that ringing in your ears that keeps you up at night. Some medical theories say tinnitus is a symptom of something else wrong in the body. Other medical studies have shown that with tinnitus comes nervous tension. If you treat the nervous tension, you help the tinnitus.

This blend is made up of 5 essential oils~
~helichrysum- used to regenerate nerves, reduce inflammation, heal emotional and physical scarring.

~lavender- reduces nervous tension, calms the body both physically, mentally and emotionally.

~cypress - stimulates blood circulation

~juniper- cleanses the blood, detoxes the body

~Rosemary- tonic for your nervous system , eases stress, headaches and hypotension

By combining the best of what nature has to offer us, hopefully that annoying ringing in your ears will calm down or stop altogether.

Before bed, put 5-7 drops on a cotton ball. Put cotton ball in your ear for the night. You can also put the oil on your earlobe, and rub some on the bone behind your ear and straight down your neck.

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