Why Aromatherapy Candles Make A Great Gift  

Beside the fact that they smell amazing and look wonderful, Aromatherapy Candles make for wonderful gifts, here are the main reasons we think that scented candles make for wonderful gifts. 

At Candles India we understand that not everyone has the same taste and preferences, but the term Romantic Candle Light dinner was coined for a reason, did you know that Low Light causes our pupils to dilate, which is a subconscious, signal of attraction, and what's more, it also helps us remove any distractions at the dinner table, this allows us to focus on just the person in  front, this is one great reason why its makes for a great gift to anyone who is celebrating their anniversary.

Great mood enhancer, a well scented candle can do wonders to the mood of any living space, the power of aromatherapy is known to evoke emotions of relaxation and serenity. This is great for reducing anxiety, depression and improves overall well being. Another great reason for gifting a candle to someone who you care for. 

Coziness; Candles are cozy AF, and that's a proven fact, curling up with a blanket and watching a movie is one of life’s true pleasures.  

Great for meditation: Candles and meditation make for a great meditation session, just light up an aromatherapy candle and breathe and feel the relaxation. 

Candles India also focuses on making candles with all natural wicks, that  keeps the air clean and green. 

In addition to using soy, candles india also uses the finest quality essential oils that accentuate the aromatherapy experience when you light any of one of our candles. 

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Team CandlesIndia.in