Tips and Tricks to Burn Candles The Right Way

Now that you have purchased your aroma therapy candle, lets go through a few important points on how you can get the perfect burn from your candle.

First tip would be to store them properly , the ideal place for example would be something like a cool dark closet, so make sure that you don't store the candle where there is excessive amounts of light or direct exposure to any kind of heat. The basic idea is to not to store your candle in any can an extreme temperature either be too hot or too cold. 

Make sure that you know how long you can store your candle, this is because a soy candles lose their fragrance beyond 1 year, on the other hand beeswax candles tend to last for many many years. Just make sure that if you are buying soy candles to burn them within 1 year, and also make sure you don't buy candles in bulk.

Whenever you buy a candle, before lighting up make sure that you trim your wick a little bit, this has to be done carefully because you don't want to trim your wick too much, if the wick is too long you would get a long flame, just make sure that the wick is about one third of an inch above the candle surface. 

Always make sure that your candles pool out completely, this means that when you burn your candle make sure the wax is burning to all corners of the jar, if you burn the candle a bit less and if it doesn't pool out, the candle may start to tunnel and this would cause the candle to burn in an awkward fashion. Different candles take varying amounts of time to pool out, so just let the candle burn for at least half an hour, to 1 hour to see the rate at which it pools out, and accordingly and only then extinguish the candle.

if you are buying a candle with the jar lid on top always make sure that after you put out the candle do not immediately put the lid back on, this is because the wick needs time to dissipate what little smoke that it has, and if you close the lid with the candles has just be blown out, all the smoke will start to absorb with the candle wax and the next time you burn the candle you will get a smoky output. So just make sure that you always blow out your candle and then leave it for a minute or two, then put the lid on top of the jar.

Always make sure to not burn your candle beyond 3 to 4 hours, after a lot of research at candles India we discovered that burning any candle beyond 3 to 4 hours has a derogatory effect on the wax thereby causing numerous issues such as wax pooling and also tunneling, so just keep your candle burning to gentle sessions of an hour to 2 hours. 

Another very important point it is to always blow out your candle before you leave the house, if you are halfway down the street please drive back and blow your candles out. Never think that your candles are safe unattended, always make sure to blow your candles and keep this a thumb rule while burning candles.

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