The Joy of Lighting Up a Soy Candle

Candles have been around for a long as anyone can remember, but the problem with traditional paraffin candles is that they are made of petroleum derivatives, they are toxic and also are bad for the environment. 

One of main reasons that our team at Candles India decided to focus on only Soy Based candles is because this amazing plant is one of cleanest and eco friendly options to make candles that burn clean and much longer than traditional paraffin candles. 

Soy candles are non toxic and produce far less soot as compared to traditional candles, and they burn upto 50% longer than traditional paraffin based candles, many people don't know the benefits of using Soy Candles, that is why our team at Candles India have it made their mission to make high quality small batch candles right here in India, while providing and employment to an age old industry. 

Candles India also focuses on making candles with all natural wicks, that  keeps the air clean and green. 

In addition to using soy, candles india also uses the finest quality essential oils that accentuate the aromatherapy experience when you light any of one of our candles. 

To order the finest Soy Candles available in India, please do visit and place your order and support the industry.