Reasons We Have Candles in Church

The main reason why we have candles in every Church is because candles teach us what we're supposed to do and how we are supposed to live. Candles give light, in the darkest of rooms and the darkest of places, light one candle everything changes. Even in a dark pitch black room in the middle of the night, just one candle, you can see the candle and follow the light, can find your way home, a candle gives light, and Jesus said to everyone in Matthew chapter 5, you are the light of the world, a candles speaks to everyone and tells you that you are the light, in the midst of darkness we should shine the light this is what a candle projects. 

So every year, on the day of Easter, the pastor goes out and blesses the easter fire, every Church lights are a huge candle, this giant candle represents Jesus who's light shines the whole world, as he is consumed on good Friday to give light to the whole world. Everyone else holds small candles, and from the light of Jesus, from the big candle everyone in the church lights their small candle, and thereby we all can give light to the world. 

How does a candle give light, as the wax burns, the more the wax burns the candle is consumed with the wax, as the candle burns it gives itself to the world. The light shines forth to the World, but the Candle decreases. This signifies that when losing myself I will be found just like the candle. This means that in giving and giving you find joy, fulfillment, happiness, as we bring light to the world. So when you go to church and see candles next to the altar, we must remember, our sacrifices, for the light of the world. So we go to church and light a candle, and we remember our light, Jesus' light that dances in us, and for the world. May we take the example of the candle, and faithfully give yourself to Christ, but in the midst of the darkness of the world, in the midst of difficulties, that we might be in, just one light, guiding people to heaven. Just one light in the midst of great darkness, that some other person can follow, to the peace that they crave. Freedom from their addictions, and to bring joy in their sadness, and this why you light a candle in the church. 

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