How We Make our Lemon Aromatherapy Candle (Candles India Inc)

At Candles India, we use lemon aromatherapy oils that are directly derived from the peel of organic fresh lemons. It is cold pressed, and it comes from the peel of the lemon fruit. A 25 ml bottle of aromatherapy essential oil that is used in our candle is composed of around 40 to 45 lemon peels, this is why our lemon candles throw a strong and wonderful Aroma, even across a large room, due to its dense concentration. 

Because are oils are derived from the lemon peels, and not the fruit itself, it smells really different and really refreshing. The fact that most of the nutrients in any fruit is actually in the peel, by using the peel of the lemons, in our aromatherapy candles, we are able to really increase the concentration of the oil, thereby resulting in a strong and powerful Aroma from the candle.

Are customers call our lemon aromatherapy candle as "Sunshine in a Candle". 

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