Benefits of Beeswax Candles

Benefits of Beeswax Candles 

Although a little more expensive, Beeswax is a more traditional type of wax, it is very popular among candle makers. Some of the finest candles can be made using Beeswax, let us see in detail as to why this is.

Beeswax has an exceptional natural compound which does not deteriorate over long periods of time, it is derived from honey bees as part of the honey making process, it is a result of the worker bees of the hive which have special glands on their under sides that convert this beautiful honey that they eat into turning them into tiny flakes of beautiful wax.

When the bees build honeycomb cells the beeswax is used to seal them off, it is this ceiling cap which is then is cut away and manufactured to beeswax. 

The yellow beeswax is a more crude type, that which is directly taken from the honeycombs and filtered to different degrees. The white beeswax is more processed in nature because it is white in colour by the action of air moisture and sunlight and also the yellow beeswax is treated with alcohol to remove its yellow colouring.

Beeswax has this amazing and natural sweet sense scent, so making candles in its natural form will result in pure quality natural fragrance, that is the main reason why candle makers never use artificial ingredients to be mixed with natural beeswax.

The beautiful nature of naturally melted beeswax results in an extremely clean burn and release of a very less or little smoke. This is why it is perfect for even people with asthma and other respiratory problems to enjoy beeswax candles. 

Here are some of the amazing benefits of Beeswax: 

Beeswax is truly the most natural of all waxes since it comes from the sustainable industry of honey farming it is naturally aromatic, and beautiful to look at, the spectrum of light that comes out of beeswax is that like of the sun as a pose to incandescent light. 

Beeswax are great to be burnt for long hours and they are more aromatic in their original yellow form. Candle lovers love beeswax candles because they burn brighter, they burn cleaner, and they are actually burn 5 times longer than regular paraffin wax or Soy wax candles, they are virtually dripless, and they also emit negative ions which actually cleaning up the air around you, and they leave minimal or no soot. 

Beeswax is the only non-toxic and non hypo allergenic wax on the planet, it is produced from the worker bees which have eight wax producing glands.

So go ahead and enjoy this beautiful gift of nature in a candle. 

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