Benefits of Aromatherapy for Your Home and Mind

Aromatherapy candles also known as Soy candles are made with high quality essential oils, these candles have a great effect on our mood because the oils that are used in making these candles throw a wonderful aroma that will trigger your senses and bring a wonderful feeling of relaxation and calm.

All aromatherapy candle made by Candles India are composed of two essential components which is is high quality Soywax and essential oils, because Candles India only use soya wax in the candles, the benefit of burning these candles safely in your home is that you never spread any toxic elements like paraffin candles do. SOY is a completely natural product unlike paraffin and hence you can burn Soy candles in the comfort of your home even with children around.

Your are some mean benefits of Aromatherapy Candles

Mood: Aromatherapy candles have an amazing power to calm our minds and our soul, Soy candles are used by many people as it brings a sense of well being and relaxation around the house.

Great Sleep: Because of the relaxing effect of aromatherapy candles you invariably will fall into deep and restful sleep, this is especially useful for people who have high stress jobs or who have insomnia, the powerful effects of the essential oils will relax your mind and you will feel refreshed in the morning.

Home Decor: Aromatherapy candles when packaged wonderfully can look beautiful in any home, it is also sure to attract eyeballs for any visitor, combined with the fact that it also provides an amazing sense of calm in the home.
Energy for your mind: It is completely true that aromatherapy candles have many health benefits, one being that using oils such as lavender and cinnamon are known to directly connect with our mind and release stress.

We at Candles India only use the highest quality essential oils combined with the finest Soy Wax to make our candles. so why wait, go ahead and place your order for the finest Soy Wax candle available in India on